Aaron Michael Smith (Непомняще) is a composer, violist and artist currently based in Boston, MA. Aaron is interested in exploring the way that various practices and mediums overlap, reflect and contradict one another. He is often engaged in collaborations with filmmakers, visual artists, philosophers, poets and other musicians. 
A large part of his practice since 2012 has been making experimental films which have gone on to be featured at numerous international film festivals, including the Atlanta Film Festival, Chicago Underground Film Festival and the Oxford Film Festival, garnering awards at festivals such as the Ann Arbor Film Festival, Montreal Underground Film Festival and the Marseille Underground Film Festival, to name a few.
Aaron has presented his work, given lectures on electronic music and held multimedia workshops at various institutions including the New Orleans Film Festival, the Ann Arbor Film Festival and Universidad Austral de Chile Acoustics Institute.
Aaron is a co-curator, along with Jordan Kokot, of
field|guide, a collaborative multimedia art project releasing in print and digitally annually.
In 2021, Aaron began a podcast,
plink plonk, with Berlin-based composer, Georg Hilmarsson, in which they analyze music that they are influenced by and interview fellow composers and musicians.
Aaron is one half of
grein, an experimental improv duo, with Jay Rauch. Aaron is also one half of G R I M M E R, an electronic duo, with André Mestre. He releases solo albums on Bandcamp under the name, UN/NO.

Aaron completed a Master’s in music composition at Boston University with Joshua Fineberg and Rodney Lister.  
While at BU, Aaron participated in lessons, workshops, masterclasses, readings and recordings with Liza Lim, Patricia Alessandrini, Klaus Lang, Fred Lerdahl, Philippe Leroux, JACK Quartet, Arditti Quartet, Ashot Sarkissjan, Giacomo Baldelli and Sound Icon.
Previously he graduated from the Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University, receiving degrees in music composition and viola performance, including a minor in electronic music. In the summers of 2014 & 2017 he participated in summer workshops at IRCAM in Paris. He is currently on the composition faculty at the NEC Prep School and teaches violin, viola and composition privately.

Latest releases:
UN/NO   ---  new solo release, rehear, out now on Bandcamp

   ---  solo release with recordings from residency sessions w/ JACK Quartet & Ashot Sarkissjan 

   ---  video/audio work for Non-Event's at Home web series

An Imagined Violet --- fourth short-film collaboration with Russell Sheaffer (premiered at San Diego International Film Festival, showing at Cucalorus Film Festival November 2022)

Upcoming projects to be released soon:
Playland --- debut feature-length film dir. by Georden West & prod. by Artless Media

Here we are constantly banging to try and come through the other side.--- video / audio / text / booklet release as grein 

Étude 3a: Nocturne --- first short-film collab w/ Grace Byron for Artless Media 

Showtime --- fifth short-film collaboration with Michael Fleming (to premiere at Festival Tous Courts in Aix-en-Provence, France in December 2022)

seeme, --- digital audio & video releases of live grein + Jonathan Rodriguez show at 2220 Arts + Archive in LA

The Folder --- short film collab w/ Orr Menirom

   --- release of piece for oboe, percussion and electronics recorded by Catherine & Michael Weinfield-Zell

anacapa   ---  fifth short-film collaboration with Russell Sheaffer

(see OTHER for more informal bio and other stuff about me)