two amplified voices, two cell phones, 2.1 electronics ~ 45:07
In 2019 I was planning a show at AS220 in Providence, RI with Black Sheep Contemporary Ensemble. I wrote a fixed media track that I knew I wanted to then write two vocal parts to perform on top, revolving around simple voice techniques using breath inhales and exhales as the foundation.
Bradley Frizzell and I sat down over a couple sessions and came up with the plan for the voice parts and then continued to tweak it as we rehearsed it with the electronics.
At the performance in March 2020, high on adrenaline, I stupidly didn't press the record button for the second time to actually start the recording - so lost the chance to capture the live premiere (hopefully I'll have the chance to capture a future live performance.)
I recorded a studio version of the piece with Jay Rauch in late 2020 - edit coming soon hopefully
(still haven't figured out the right title for it - will title when the edit comes out)

just the fixed media track for now

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