amplified (incl. contact mics) string quartet ~ 30:30
recorded w/ JACK quartet - 9/22/2018
composed 10/15-9/18
recording thx to joshua fineberg & georg kári hilmarsson

 ccidentall ,        r’s finger touches Ch      e’s,
their feet, under the table, happen to       against each
other.  W       might be eng       by the mean    of
these accidents;  e might concentrate ph         on these
slight zones of contact and d l   t  in this fragm nt of inert
finger or f   , fet   i tically, without concern for the re-
sponse (like  od——as t   etym    y  of the word t lls
us——the Fe     does not reply).  But in fact  erthe  is not
pe     e, he is in lov : h  creates meaning, al  ays and
ev  ry here, out of nothing, a   it is meaning wh    th  ll 
 im:    is in     crucible of meaning.  Every contact, f r
t   lover, raises     qu st on of  n  answer: the skin  s
asked to reply.
“ Quand mon doigt par mégarde… ”
(A squeeze of the hand——enormous documentation——a
tiny gesture within the palm, a knee which doesn’t move
away, an arm extended, as if quite naturally, along the
back of a sofa and against which the other’s head gradu-
ally comes to rest——this is the paradisiac realm of subtle
and clandestine signs: a kind of festival not of the senses
but of meaning.)
-Barthes, A Lover’s Discourse

submitted in partial fulfillment of Masters in Music at Boston University
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