audio/video ~ 9:15
3rd video collaboration with Michael Fleming

from Michael's website:
Never Never Land is about our obsession with physical perfection, our domination and wanting to control everything. Not only being the perfect human being but also creating him. Chance is replaced by choice.
This idea that all is possible and engineerable arises the belief that even our fantasy is realizable. ‘Shaping my life’ this becomes our individual main goal; our life as a project.
In our greedy 'me-itis' we want to fully explore ourselves, create our ultimate dream. Our demand to be 'Homo Perfectus', being Superman, the DIY-made Uber-God 3.0!


In Never Never Land, the music explores two main ideas: transformations and mappings.  Transformation occurs both as the vertical layering of different versions of the same thing and as the horizontal morphing of one palette into another.  Mappings exist from audio into audio and from visual into audio.  Some structures are modeled after already composed materials, using smaller components of the same thing to re-imagine the existing material as new material.  Additionally, many of the layers of sound come as thorough mappings of various forms of visual data, including pixel values, orientation of objects and mass of objects, with these values scaled and then fed into various audio processes as a way of allowing the visuals to drive the auditory ideas through time.

below is the audio and some stills of the film - e-mail me if you'd like to see the full film
The Unforseen International Experimental Film Festival, 2018, Beograd, Serbia - (Grand Prix) 
Analogica Festival 8, 2018, Bolzano, Italy Other Cinema, Avant To Live program, 2018, San Francisco, CA 
Ann Arbor Film Festival, 2019, Ann Arbor, MI 
Florida Film Festival, 2019, Maitland, FL 
Montreal Underground Film Festival, May 2019, Montreal, CA 
Festival du Fesses, June 2019, Paris, FR 
Mostra Strangloscope 12, September 2019, Florianópolis, Brazil 
The Unseen Festival, September 2019, Denver, CO 
Curtocircuito, Explora 2, October 2019, Santiago de Compostela, Spain 
INVE Proceso de Error, October 2019, Valparaíso, Chile 
Antimatter [media art], October 2019, Victoria, BC, Canada 
ULTRAcinema, November 2019, Mexico City, Mexico 
Festival Tous Courts, December 2019, Aix-en-Provence, France 
Alternative Film/Video Festival, December 2019, Belgrade, Serbia 
Les Inattendus Festival, February 2020, Lyon, France 
DiffractiveMedia.Space, August-September 2020, online/Alfred, NY
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