audio/video installation loop ~ 13:54
2.1 interactive audiovisual installation collaboration with Orr Menirom, Aaron Moreno Ayala and Billy Bennett
premiered @ NARS Foundation November 2020
forthcoming fixed media version & desktop installation version

description of the project, from Billy's website: 
The Foley Artist is a poetic investigation of the intersection between human and machine intelligence. The project takes the form of an interactive installation combining audio-visual components with AI. A silent short film is accompanied by two sound channels: one composed by a (human) foley artist, and the other by an AI-generated composer. Viewers interact with the image/sound components, generating a live mix of both soundtracks using a sound mixer.  

could not have made this piece without enlisting the help of my dear friend who lived next door at the time, Meagan MacLeod to be my "foley" assistant - she executed/performed the majority of the sounds (see pictures below)

just my (the human, not a foley artist) audio component of the piece

setup plan by Orr
setup plan by Orr
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